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We Believe that maintaining close links with our customers and understanding their individual market requirements is essential to delivering solutions designed to meet specific needs Our experience has grown with more than 20 years of activity in the marketplace of F & B, cooperating with the most important internationale trade partners We can provide total F&B solutions and for clients who demand quality, variety and value US is the clear choice. In response to customers inquiry over the years,we have introduced in our range Organic,Halal and Kosher products to meet their needs.

Our mission is to help companies grow, and improve continuously over time.
Our target are top management and entrepreneurs: the people who have the responsibility to lead their companies and the power to make change possible.
Awareness, consistency, respect, and innovation all together form the foundations for a solid and effective partnership with our clients.
We have strong competencies, which we are continuously developing in the world's food business all times.

Our strength and save you time but above all money. We are specialized in all food products made in Italy with a large selection of companies with here we have years of collaboration and so we can guarantee you seriousness and reliability and so save you time and money...

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Pecorino - Cow Milk - Goat Cheese

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Dry, Fresh and Frozen Pasta

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Wine, Beer and Coffee

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Italian Sauces...and more

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