Dry Pasta

Pasta is a food made from a mixture of flour, durum wheat semolina, spelled wheat, buckwheat, rice or other types of cereals, water and sometimes egg. salt. "Pasta" can also refer to dishes whose pasta is the main ingredient, served with sauce or seasonings.

The pasta has different varieties, most of them deriving from the European classicism of the tradition of dry and fresh Italian pasta (for example, Emilian pasta, Campania pasta, Ligurian pasta, etc.), according to the variety of forms such as noodles, spaghetti, shells, or macaroni.

Beyond the simple condiments, added to the basic preparation, pasty mixture initial, ancient European culinary traditions also mix various adjuvants: fresh herbs, potato (gnocchi), etc. Recent research has validated the addition of legumes in quantities close to one third1.

Fresh and Frozen Pasta

Fresh pasta is a flag of Italian catering.

For the creation you need the flour traditionally home made pasta in Southern Italy is made only with durum wheat semolina, while in northern Italy, mixtures of 20-40% durum wheat and 60-80% are generally used of granite of soft wheat without forgetting the eggs.

Stuffed pasta is made from fresh dough and all kinds of ingredients and stuffing: bacon, beef, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, ginger, black olives, pork, salmon, etc.

• Tortellini
• Agnolotti
• Ravioli
• Fagottini
• Gnocchi
• Panzerotti
• Pasta surgelata